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TOP 5 Websites Made with Angular 5: 2018

Angular 5 better known as pentagon-donut; a stable version was launched back in November 2017. We are listing down the top angular 5 applications based on design, functionality & aesthetics.


  1. CrunchBase This website aims to discover new companies and give a detailed analysis. It has a lot of content well structured and provides meaningful insights.                     
    Crunch base complex User Interface

  2. EAT24 A food-delivery application aimed at better user experience and has features such as food pick-up reviews maps.                                                                   
    Eat 24 landing page

  3. Onefootball offers football news, insights scores and interviews. You get an option to subscribe your clubs voila.                                                       
    One football highlights


  4. TERADATA gives you a list of open-source projects and has a lot of components and their documentation.                                                                                  
    Teradata minimal User Interface

  5. NGX-RESTANGULAR is a simple minimalist website made on Angular 5.                     
    Simple User Interface